Goji Loyalty

About Goji

Goji is a card-less free loyalty program that offers customers/shoppers with rewards when they make purchase at the participating Stores.

Benefits of Goji Loyalty with QFX Cinemas

  • For every Rupees spent on tickets at QFX Cinemas, you can earn Points & Coins with Goji.
  • Goji Loyalty helps you get rewarded for the value of amount you spend on your tickets.
  • Customers’ can redeem free tickets with the collected QFX Points & Goji Coins
  • QFX Cinemas will also give you attractive Offers through Goji Loyalty App.

Sync, QFX Cinemas with Goji Loyalty

  • QFX Cinemas customers’ can Register and Log in with Goji Loyalty, through their QFX Cinemas account.
  • QFX Cinemas account & Goji Loyalty account gets synchronized once the customer Logs in.
  • All the ticket purchases transactions will get transferred to customers’ Goji Loyalty account.

Earn QFX Points & Goji Coins

  • For every Rupees spent on tickets at QFX Cinemas, you can earn QFX Points with Goji.
  • Also, you earn 2% of your spent amount on tickets as Goji Coins.
  • Example: You spent Rs. 3000 on ticket purchases
    • You earn 3000 QFX Points (QFX Points can only be used at QFX Cinemas)
    • Plus, you earn 2% of Rs. 3000 i.e. 60 Goji Coins (Goji Coins can be used at any store under Goji Loyalty)

QFX Points

  • For every Re. 1 spent on tickets at QFX Cinemas the customers can Earn Points.
  • QFX Points can only be redeemed at QFX Cinemas.
  • Customers’ can track their accumulated Points by visiting their Points Page on Goji.
  • Conversion rate for QFX Points is 7% of the earned Coins.
    • Example: You earned 3000 QFX Points from the above transaction (7% of 3000 = 210 Goji Coins worth of value)
  • Points do not have cash value, are not redeemable for cash and are not transferable.

Goji Coins

  • Goji Coins are the in-App currency.
  • Goji Coins can be used in any and all stores/businesses using Goji.
  • 1 Goji Coin is always equivalent to Re. 1
  • Goji Coins are not redeemable for cash and are not transferable.
  • Customers’ can track their actual accumulated Goji Coins by visiting Coins page in Page on Goji Loyalty App.

Goji Coins as Payment Method

  • Collected QFX Points & Goji Coins can be used to redeem free ticket/s.
  • QFX Points will get converted to Goji Coins to show customers’ the worth value of the QFX Points, for customers’ convenience to redeem free tickets.
  • When a customer uses Goji Coins to buy the ticket/s the amount cannot be refunded.

Conversion of QFX Points to Goji Coins of worth value

  • Example: You Spent Rs. 3000. Earned 3000 QFX Points & 60 Goji Coins.
    • Conversion : QFX Points 3000*7%  = 210 Goji Coins* (*Converted points can only be used at QFX Cinemas)
  • Converted Points + Goji Coins will get added up for the customers’ to see the value.
    • Goji Balance 210 Goji Coins(worth value) + 60 Goji Coins = 270 Coins  

Redeeming Free Loyalty tickets

  • In the Payment method, Goji Coins will appear as 270 Coins.
  • Customers can buy ticket/s worth up to Rs. 270, with QFX Cinemas.

No of tickets redemption

  • Customers are allowed to redeem
    • 2 tickets during weekdays.
    • 1 ticket during weekends.

Goji Loyalty App: QFX Cinemas Offers

  • QFX Cinemas will list their offers on Goji Loyalty App.
  • Customers can redeem these Offers using their QFX Points or Goji Coins.

For more information on Goji Loyalty for QFX Cinemas:

Website: www.goji.com.np

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/gojiloyalty/

Helpline: 9813876466

Email: gojiloyalty@qfxcinemas.com