QFX: Our Story

Have you always been a "first day, first show" fanatic? Do you need some quality timeout with family and friends, or to unwind after a stressful day at your nine to five job? Or, do you just want to share the emotions of a great cinematic experience with your loved ones? QFX Cinemas are here just to cater to your such needs!

Ask anyone in Kathmandu, and they will tell you that quality cinema going experience in the Valley started with the launch of a renovated Jai Nepal, followed by Kumari, under the expertise of Quest Entertainment. These theaters redefined the cinema going experience with comfortable seats, hi-tech projection and sound, clean and tasteful interiors and unmatched customer service experience.

Continuing with its commitment to provide world class cinema with superior quality services to our patrons in Kathmandu, Quest has been upgrading its technology, systems and services: we shifted from analog to digital projection, and consolidated our theaters under the QFX brand. We have recently launched QFX Civil Mall, the premium Cinema experience in town, at the Civil Mall, Sundhara, Kathmandu.

What you can do at QFX Cinemas:

Enjoy the immersive experience that 3D cinema offers. With a total seating capacity of 939, the all-digital QFX Civil Mall includes three 3D-capable theaters. To complement the digital setting and 3D technologies, digital projectors from Barco, a global leader in digital cinema technology, have been installed. These projectors deliver remarkable brightness without sacrificing resolution, modularity, serviceability or overall system flexibility: which means you are sure to get clear, bright images and a great visual treat at every QFX Civil Mall theater!

We have the best studio experience available in Nepal: QFX Cinemas use the Alcons cinema sound system, arguably the only Digital Cinema ready system. This system ensures up to 90% less distortion than any conventional system, which means lifelike sound; perfect speech-intelligibility; and no listening fatigue. Even after hours of watching action-packed movies, you will walk out of QFX Civil Mall feeling refreshed.

Feel the luxury and superior comfort seating! The wide, spacious seating at QFX Civil Mall, with ergonomically sculpted backrest design and great lumbar support makes you feel right at home. Stretch your legs and treat yourself to a viewing experience like no other theater in the country can offer. And, if wish you for more, QFX Civil Mall brings to you luxuriously cushioned sofa seating at premium rates. We are here to pamper you with a great cinema experience.

At QFX Cinemas, our friendly associates at the ticket counters and concession centers are always enthusiastic to serve your needs. We know you want to see what seats you can choose: for this, we have installed dual screens in all of our point of sales (POS) machines. At the QFX ticket counters you can not only request the number of tickets but also choose your preferred seat from the display on the screen at your end.

While your tickets are being printed, enjoy trailers for upcoming movies, movie schedules and advertisements being played on your POS screen. You will never feel idle at QFX!

Visit us at any of our three centrally located and easily accessible QFX Cinemas and feel the difference we have created just for you.